The City of Zachary, the Zachary Community School District, and the Zachary Chamber of Commerce work together under the Smart+ concept. The foundation of Smart+ is the community’s commitment to excellence in education. The Zachary Community School District has been recognized as the number one school district in Louisiana for nine (9) years in a row. This strong focus on education, as well as our smarter approach to planning, adds to our quality of life, resulting in a city that is Smart+. A growing economy, higher income levels, low crime and a vibrant community spirit are just a few of the pluses ensuring Zachary’s bright future.

Zachary has historically been viewed as a rural community with a high quality of life. The city has experienced 2.53% annual growth since 2000, and has 15,158 residents. According to Neilsen-Claritas, the median home value in Zachary is $171,232.

The Zachary Community School District has invested $129 million in their schools through new facilities, renovations, and technology. The city of Zachary also recognizes the need to reinvest in the community and has spent $16.5 million on infrastructure improvements since 2006. In addition to these improvements, Zachary has a $14 million bond issue for sewer and a $10 million bond issue for roads.

In 2012 Zachary was selected as one of the top 10 towns in the country for families by Family Circle magazine. In 2013, Zachary has been named by NerdWallet, a consumer advocacy website as one of the top five “Best Towns in Louisiana for Young Families”. NerdWallet ranked Zachary fifth after assessing the city’s cost of living, education system and economic growth. Great schools, an education nonprofit, gave the Zachary school district a nine out of 10 rating. Zachary has a high median household income of $61,094, ranking us in the top 3.

Commuters from Zachary to downtown Baton Rouge enjoy an average 20-25 minute rush hour drive time and rarely, if ever, contend with traffic.